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Sound Spectrum Media - ECPC, LLC is one of the oldest production & promotional companies in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition, Sound Spectrum Media-ECPC, LLC is an electronic, film, multimedia, news, band, Film & TV production/promotion company. EC was born in McKeesport, PA where he use to see many famous people play music and hang out across from his house. At the age of five, EC became fascinated with music. He collected all the records he could. In 1980 while still in high school, EC began promoting bands and working in television for his love of music and movies. By 1989, EC was a free lance DJ, college radio DJ at 670 WPPJ Point Park University and assistant DJ on WEBR 94.5 in Fairfax county near Washington D.C. He worked with lighting and was a teleprompter operator on the award winning PBS show The Insurance Corner directed by Doug Goffus. He has worked with many artists from all over the world. In 1991, EC started the precursor to Sound Spectrum Media-ECPC from his basement. Sound Spectrum Media-ECPC has grown into five divisions. In early 2003, EC started Sound Spectrum Magazine which became a hit with the music industry. For over 30 years of his devotion to the film, music & TV industry EC never accepted a dollar for his promotional & production work. The official company was not established until 2004, founded by EC. Sound Spectrum Media - ECPC is a credited production - promotion company through the music & film industry. Sound Spectrum Media-ECPC, LLC became a Limited Liability Company in 2013. In 2015, Sound Spectrum Media-ECPC went from a non-profit to a profit company. In 2016, Sound Spectrum Media - ECPC launched its national film logo in the U.S.A. which, will appear in several theaters across the nation. In addition, film production has begun with Sound Spectrum Films - ECPC. ECPC will be filming several movies in the future across the Pittsburgh area & the surrounding communities. Production started in October 2016 at the Sound Spectrum Media - ECPC studio. ECPC has teamed up with Vizmo films promoting their horror movies across the U.S.A. In November 2016 SSM-TV begin its first broadcast worldwide. In 2016-2017 Sound Spectrum Media-ECPC won a gold internet certified award for being one of the local production and promotional companies to reaching out to all seven continents in the world with thousands of hits each month. Sound Spectrum Media-ECPC has one of the largest band databases in the world. 

Just a few bands & movie companies EC promoted.

Film Industry

Vizmo Films, Cameron Romero

Music Industry

International Bands

Liquid Horizon, AA-Likes, The Show, Chthonic, Baghead, Asylum Pyre, Factory of Dreams, Kivimetsan Druidi, Chuck Eaton, Nova Orbis, Seven Thorns

National Bands

Iron Butterfly, Ted Nugent, Kiss, Posion, Firehouse, Staind, Gwar, Mercyful Fate, Great White, Pearl Jam, Trixter, Mandy Lion, Mega Death, Droid, Korn ,Ten Years, Flotsam and Jetsam, Goo Goo Dolls, Arcade, Brother Cane, Van Halen, Bret Michaels, Chris Holmes (WASP), Phil Taylor (Motorhead), Damn Yankees, Steven Adler (Guns & Roses), Bullets & Octane, Electric Crush, Trouble, Brinty Fox, Rhino Bucket, Night Wolf, Jackyl, L.A. Guns

Local Bands

The Clarks, Motorpsychos, Cherry Monroe, Fountain Infinity, Loko Phylum, Crave, Joe Grushecky & The House Rockers, Distorted Penguins, The Legendary Hucklebucks, Missing Pages, Stronghold, The Jason Martinko Revue, 8th Street Rox, Billy Price, Zilch, 28 North, Decadence, Johnny Angel and the Halos, Norm Nardini, B.E. Taylor, Dallas Marks, Icarus Witch, The Hobb Sisters, Slim Forsythe, Don Moore, ZOM, Fear Itself

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Today, the company prides itself on providing the music and film industry with professional services for all types of solo acts, artists, writers, bands, actors, comedians and all other related media. Our business is client-oriented. We will work with your various talents every step of the way to make sure you receive the services and success you desire. We are a good-standing professional organization within the industry. We have developed Sound Spectrum Magazine, Records, Radio, TV, and Film, to educate and promote our customer base and demands. Our company works with artists locally, nationally, and internationally.

    The objective of our business is to provide high-quality services to our customers and members. We aim to raise the awareness level of the public by promoting your skill and talent. Our company offers the benefit of many years of experience in the industry. We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about Sound Spectrum Media-ECPC, LLC and all the products and services we provide useful. Our offices are located in Pittsburgh, PA.
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"Every song is a story and every story needs to be heard...each song has meaning and every song is its own story." - EC 

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